If you have been arrested or accused of a crime in Pottstown or the surrounding area, you need to fight back aggressively. You need someone on your side. We have done hundreds of DUI cases, so we know how to fight the court on your behalf at every step of the way. We are your Best Defense.  As Pennsylvania Criminal Defense DUI Attorneys and Lawyers, we fight the prosecutors on your behalf.

When we work on a Montgomery County PA DUI case, we start at the very beginning. We start fighting for you from the time the police officer turned the lights on. We want to know:

  • Did they even have a valid reason to pull you over? Valid  means that you were violating the PA driving code. If not, we work to get all evidence gained from an illegal stop thrown out of court.
  • Did they have probable cause to start a DUI case? Just because you have slurred speech doesn’t mean you were drinking. Many medical conditions and legal medications can cause slurred speech. We make them prove that they had the right to investigate you.
  • Did they perform Field Sobriety Tests correctly? Is it possible that poor instructions, traffic, uneven surfaces, weather, wind or dust could have hampered you in performing these tests? We work to exclude any evidence that was wrongfully obtained.
  • Were you arrested properly? Did they read you your Miranda Rights properly and at the right time?
  • Was your Blood-Alcohol Content taken properly? When the machine was last calibrated? Is the officer properly trained? Was the test contaminated?


You Need a Specialist

You’re fighting to save your freedom. How you respond to your criminal charges determines whether you get to keep your driver’s license and your freedom.  Almost any lawyer can go into a courtroom, and many lawyers are willing to try to help you. You wouldn’t let the family doctor perform heart surgery. You would get a specialist. In your DUI case, you need results. You need your freedom. You need a specialist. Get Paul A. Bauer III.